about me

Talaat Armana

Dipl. Eng. (FH) Medical Technology

After my successful study and more than 10 year experience, I feel at home in the Medical Technology. I had various possibilities to acquire in different companies a broad professional know-how.


The care of patients with artificial respiration, sleep apnoea and oxygen masks as well as the maintenance, technical examination and repair of medical devices are part of my corebusiness.


As distributor I am also a strong and reliable partner for you: I place great importance to extensive and well-founded advice. Obviously, I assume also the commissioning and training on site.


Please contact me! I am looking forward to your call.






Medical devices have to function 364 days a year – perfect and unimpeacheable.

and how can i help you?

Please contact me:


Telephone: +49 (0)  73 02 922 20 16

Mobile:       +49 (0) 176 70 90 90 88


E-mail:        info@mtsa-medizintechnik.de